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Security Cameras in Calgary

Security Cameras in Calgary

TOP Security Cameras in Calgary

Bordo Security offers multiple options for video surveillance CCTV Security Cameras Calgary Alberta. We install the highest quality products with affordable prices! And we provide 5 years parts and labor warranty!

Thanks to huge leaps forward in technology, Security Cameras for Business owners and Home owners has never been more affordable or better quality.

You can connect to system from your Cell Phone, Tablet and Computers! And view the cameras Live and Recorded video footage anytime and anywhere you like!

Why do you need Security Cameras in Calgary?

Burglary and Vandalism are the number one reason most Businesses install CCTV systems. Security cameras often deter criminals from attempting burglaries. If there is an incident, such as illegal dumping, graffiti or a break and enter, a well-placed security camera can provide the necessary evidence for Police to arrest and charge the perpetrators.

Disputes between neighbours over unauthorized parking, trespassing or dumpster issues are another common reason for Security Video Surveillance Cameras. Whether or not a recent incident has spurred your desire to keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary, security cameras can help alleviate any concerns and show you what is taking place around your business. A properly installed outdoor security camera can record all activity and give insight into what is really going on when you’re not on site.

Outdoor security risks. Whether you have expensive equipment in your parking lot or inventory to track, a security camera system can provide additional protection, deter theft and provide you with alerts and peace of mind.

Client and employee monitoring. Safety of employees is very important, especially in business working shifts in secluded areas. Video surveillance in parking lots, underground garages etc., can help keep your staff safe. Inventory shrinkage is another problem for many businesses. Well placed security cameras in inventory rooms, warehouses and retail stores can prevent theft and also provide evidence for police prosecution of thieves. There are a variety of practical applications including real time video look-in to check on your business.

In high security areas you can now add video verification to your access control system. This technology will provide you with a video clip each time an access card is used on a specific door. If you have had a problem with employees sharing access cards or losing access cards, now you can verify the identity of card access users by video. Security cameras in the work place compel people to improve their behavior and work habits.

How do you pick the right Security Camera system for your Business?

There are many factors to consider, the first step should be determining precisely what the purpose of the system will be. Is it specifically to monitor an entry door? The parking lot? The dumpster at the back of the building? Keep in mind, the more areas you want to monitor, the more complex and expensive the system will become. Be realistic about your priorities and budget.

The old adage “you get what you pay for” definitely applies to camera systems. Be careful about products offered online at incredibly cheap prices. Be aware that video surveillance kits from Big Box stores are generally lower quality, older technology and are strictly “Do it yourself”. If you are not tech savvy or your handyman skills are rusty, than trying to wire your business and property for cameras and then program the NVR or DVR will be frustrating at best, a large waste of resources at worst. Note that very few Professional Security companies in Alberta will work with equipment you purchased from a big box retailer.

Will you need indoor or outdoor cameras? Or a combination of both? ALL security cameras need to be wired. There are no 100% wireless cameras available, at minimum cameras need to be wired for power, usually for images as well. Be realistic about where the cameras will be located. Unless you have an unlimited budget for trenching and cabling, cameras will need to be located on or in the building where wiring can be achieved securely with reasonable effort. Cameras needed for outdoor application in Canada need to be specifically designed to operate in all kinds of weather conditions and temperatures. A cheaper indoor camera may work okay in August but in December there will be no images and the camera may be permanently damaged by moisture and freezing.

Is the purpose of the cameras simply to record images so they can be retrieved at a later date if needed? Or is the system about remote access and real time look-in service? If you are thinking about a system for an unmanned warehouse or garage you need to know that you will have to provide high speed internet service 24/7 to have remote access and video look in service. Include that cost in your budget.

Do you want images stored on site on your own hardware? Or do you want storage online? Online storage is possible, convenient and possibly more secure. But budget for a monthly subscription fee and space limitations.

Discover top-quality video surveillance options from Bordo Security. Safeguard your space with CCTV Security Cameras in Calgary.

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Security Cameras in Calgary

Security Cameras in Calgary

Security Cameras in Calgary

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