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Audio Visual Systems

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Bordo Security provides installation and support of Audio Systems (Speakers, Amplifiers, Players, Mixers, Microphones etc..) and Visual systems such as TVs with wall mountings, Digital Signage, Projectors and so on.



Bordo Security will work with you and your team to ensure we design exactly what you need and want right up front. Our team of technical specialists and programmers will ensure they understand your organization’s vision to assist in creating for you an easy to use system. You can have complete confidence knowing Bordo Team will be there on every step of the way and will exceed your expectations.

Digital Signage


Digital signage is changing, and it’s not just about providing news and information to your clients; it’s about creating an engaging experience for your audience. Digital signage can be used in retail and corporate settings, medical facilities, and a multitude of public venues. Bordo Security will work with you to build you a system that best suits your needs and will ensure your content and messaging is exactly what you require.



Whether you are working on a new building or updating an existing system; Bordo Security can help you with your requirements.  Our design and technical specialists will complete an in house assessment and offer advice on your project. You can feel secure in your upcoming project knowing Bordo Security will be there to offer industry leading expertise for any of your projects.



Technology use is increasing in the business world and in order for your operation to run smoothly, it’s important that the end users are comfortable in operating the new equipment. Bordo Security will provide start up and ongoing training for your users allowing them to fully understand the new technology and the benefits that come with it. Bordo Security will provide your team with customized training on all of your A / V needs including audio and video conferencing, data sharing, web conferencing, collaboration, healthcare and security solutions.

Service Level Agreements


It is a common fear; what happens if a critical system goes down? How will you handle the unbudgeted service costs? Our Service Agreements can help.

Structured to provide you with the maximum flexibility to keep your business running and provide support when you need it most. With different support levels to choose from you can feel confident knowing there is an option best suited for your organization and have peace of mind knowing Bordo Security will be there when you need us most!